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Business Breakdown: How Disney’s flywheel compounds on top of itself

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Zusammenfassung: Im 45 min langen Business Breakdown Podcast vom 15.03.2023 geht es um Disneys berühmtes Flywheel, die Herausforderungen und Chancen, die durch den Vorstoß ins Streaming-Geschäft entstanden sind, und um die Frage, wie sich Führung und Kultur des Unternehmens im Laufe der Jahre entwickelt haben.

Show Notes
(00:02:23) - (First question) - Overview of Disney and their size and scale today
(00:04:11) - Which parts of Disney’s business are the biggest overall
(00:05:15) - Major milestones across Disney’s one hundred year history
(00:07:17) - What lead to their decision to buy ABC and subsequently ESPN
(00:08:00) - Disney’s Original Flywheel; How Disney’s flywheel compounds on top of itself
(00:10:11) - Characterizing their competitors and the markets they play in
(00:12:58) - Overview of Disney’s theme park business
(00:15:07) - Fixed costs, growth, and thoughts about volume for their theme parks
(00:17:40) - Their cable business and the drivers of growth and success for it
(00:20:24) - Whether or not they consider streaming as a part of their cable business
(00:21:33) - Netflix: The Original; What’s different about Disney+ compared to Netflix and why they’re losing money
(00:23:14) - Disney+ verses Netflix in the competitive landscape
(00:24:45) - How far Disney can extend their content offering without degrading their brand
(00:27:42) - Overview of Disney’s movie business and its growth levers
(00:29:04) - Creativity, Inc.; A revenue case study of the Cars franchise
(00:33:08) - Company culture in running an effective enterprise as big as Disney
(00:35:43) - The recent leadership transition and his thoughts on it as an investor
(00:37:24) - Reasons behind the Marvel acquisition in 2009
(00:40:05) - What will have to go right if Disney became the next trillion dollar company
(00:43:32) - Possible reasons why Disney could fail over the coming decade
(00:45:56) - Lessons for builders and investors when studying Disney’s story
(00:48:54) - Learn more about Disney; Creativity, Inc., The Ride of a Lifetime